Guild Points Standings

(e40)2.1.2(e40)                    13  <– 1st

[TOP_PlayerS]                     13  <— 1st

 -=[ELEMENTAL]=-            11  <— 3rd

Redwings                                9

-=[Racionais]=-                    7

RoyalKingdom                     6

Espangya_Green                6

-[MF]-MaFia                          5

Sotong                                     5

=INFINITE~UnioN=         4

[B2B]                                        3

UK_Guild                              3

[Nk]~`NightKids               3

Team Philippines              3

PangHunters                       3

JesusFriends                       3

-=(ELEMENTAL)=-           2

LoS_FoDas                          2

ABSOLUT                             2

DangoDaikazoku~*        1

Espangya_Black               1

doublebogey(e15)             1

_HATI—SAYAP_               1

Shadow                                  1

  • Updated as of Day 6 results
  • All other Guilds in the event have 0 Points
  • All remaining prizes for the Pangya Guild Games will be distributed by the end of the day on Friday, February 21

6 responses to “Guild Points Standings

  1. I’ve just sent an e-mail regarding this but I’ll post it here too just in case.

    Hey Pangya ! I’m the leader of DangoDaikazoku~* guild and would like to say that my guild name is spelled wrongly (prolly due to the confusion of my 2nd e-mail to you guys, I deeply apologize for that OTL) But in my 3rd and final e-mail to you I’ve already corrected my guild name but I’m thinking maybe you guys might have missed out on it.

    Btw it should be DangoDaikazoku~*, instead of DangoDaikazoky~*

    If someone from the pangya team could kindly correct the name of our guild, that would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks and sry for all the inconveniences !

  2. deleted my post because? I just want to be fair with our guild
    we just want our 5 points
    that were taken from us for no reason

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