New Items and Features in Pangya

So you logged into Pangya after maintenance last week on Thursday, December 5th, and you noticed some new items in the Pangya Shop, but didn’t know what they did.


Well, wonder no longer, gentle Pangyateers! We’ve got the details on the latest Pangya patch right here!

Titan Cleansing Powder and All Its Awesomeness

Titan Cleansing Powder is the newest item to enter Pangya, and it’s used to reset upgrades on your club sets.  So let’s say you got yourself a brand-new Madoka Magica Club Set …

Madoka Club Set with default stats

… And you got so excited that you upgraded the heck out of it right away!  Now you have an upgraded Madoka Magica Club Set, and it’s cool and everything, but you were a bit too hasty with accepting or choosing its stat upgrades each time you modified or ranked up this club set.

S Ranked Madoka Magica Club Set

Maybe you want to go reset your Club Set’s improvements and try upgrading it again from the beginning?  Well, now you can!

With Titan Cleansing Powder in your inventory, all you have to do is:

1. Click it.

Clicking Titan Cleansing Powder

2. Select the Club Set you want to reset and click Confirm.

Confirm selected Club Set

3. Confirm once more, and you’re all set.

Confirm to apply Cleansing Powder


Cleansing Powder being applied

Your Club Set is all shiny and new, just like the first day you got it, with no modifications and its default rank, waiting for you to improve it all over again!

Default Club Set stats

And what’s the difference between the Hard and Soft versions of Titan Cleansing Powder?  That’s simple.  Titan Cleansing Powder (Soft) will reset your Club Set’s modifications and rank, allowing you to keep the current Mastery Points of your Club Set.  Titan Cleansing Powder (Hard) will also reset your Club Set’s modifications and rank, allowing you to keep the current Mastery Points of your Club Set and add back half of all the Mastery Points you used to previously upgrade it.  Getting back those extra Mastery Points is what makes Titan Cleansing Powder (Hard) a more expensive item than its “softer” counterpart.

Special Shuffle Course – Now with Extra Mastery Points

Pangya pros know that the Special Shuffle Course is a different kind of Tournament mode where each hole is a random one taken from a Pangya Island course.  All Special Shuffle Courses also include an unique “Special Shuffle” 18th hole at the end.  Players have an opportunity to win more Pang and rewards in Special Shuffle Courses compared to the other Tournament mode in Pangya, and Special Shuffle Courses can only be created by players who use a Special Shuffle Ticket.  You can read more about Special Shuffle Courses from MD_TwinsLight’s extremely written Wikipedia article.

Special Shuffle Course lobby

The great news is that players will now earn even more Mastery Points for the Club Set they use while playing in a Special Shuffle Course.  In fact, players will receive 1.5 times the number of Mastery Points compared to the regular Tournament mode in Pangya!

Club Set Mastery Points

So, with the new Titan Cleansing Powder item and more Mastery Points given in Special Shuffle Courses, players can enjoy customizing their Club Set’s stats in Pangya like never before!  Get out there, Pangyateers, and customize those Club Sets!  Make your perfect Club Set today!


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    • Oh dear. Sorry for the late reply. IF Titan Cleansing Powder is used on any club set at any level or rank, it will reset that club set to its default level, rank, and stats. Also be sure to check out the Pangya forums to get more information about this and other Pangya topics! Thanks for your question.

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