Let the Sales Begin!

Black Friday Mob

Black Friday is not just for the United States anymore.  More and more places around the world have embraced the wonderful tradition of Black Friday – to offer cool stuff for ridiculously low prices!  And Pangya is no different!

Buy One Get One Free in Pangya (11/25 ~ 11/29)

Pangya BOGO Banner

Gacha Coins, Auto Calipers, Time Boosters, and more!  All of the most popular Pangya Shop items are part of our Buy One Get One Free Event (also known as BOGO) for a limited time this week!  Whenever you buy one of our select Pangya Shop items, you will get another one of the same item for free!

Here’s a list of all items eligible for BOGO:

– Card Pack#1 10+1

– Card Pack#2 10+1

– Card Pack#3 10+1

– Card Pack#4 10+1

– Pangya Card Pack #1

– Pangya Card Pack #2

– Pangya Card Pack #3

– Pangya Card Pack #4

– Auto Caliper(200)

– Gacha Coin(1)

– Gacha Coin(5)

– Gacha Coin(10+1)

– Gacha Coin(15+2)

– Key Chain of Prosperity

– Key Chain of Wisdom

– Time Booster(300)

– Club Card Patcher

– Club Card Patcher 5+1

Pangya Loves BOGO

Now, we know what you’re thinking:

“If I buy one Gacha Coin(15 +2), does that mean I get 34 Gacha Coins?”

Yes it does!

“Alright, but if I buy 2 Gacha Coin(10 + 1), then you’ll give me 44 Gacha Coins for my purchase?”

Yes we will!  For every select BOGO item that you buy, we will give you a second one of the same item free!

“OMG!  Why are you doing this to me?”

Because we love you, and we want to get you excited for the new items we will be offering on Black Friday!

New Items in Pangya on Black Friday

You heard it here!  Starting on November 29, Black Friday, Pangya will be offering brand new items in the Pangya Shop that have never been seen before.  The items include new clothing, decorations, and even a brand new club set!  Excited yet?  You should be!  These items will be on sale in the Pangya Shop for a limited time beginning Black Friday, and be on the lookout for an updated ‘old favorite’ item that will be on sale, as well.

In fact, here are a few teaser pics of what exclusive items will be on sale for Black Friday:

Madoka School Girl Outfits

Madoka Magic Girl Outfits

Madoka Magica Club Set

Alrighty then.  It looks like the sheer awesomeness of these items are distorting the pics a little bit.  I’ll work on cleaning them up with a bit of Pangya magic.  Keep checking back here to see these pics become gradually clearer.

Applying Pangya Magic to Clear Up Black Friday Images …

NOTICE: Pangya Magic application process is complete.  Happy Black Friday!

Progress Bar CompleteStatus Updates:

100% complete – Nov 29, 9:45am

85% complete – Nov 28, 6 pm

50% complete – Nov 28, 4:15 pm

10% complete – Nov 28, 12pm

Maybe you could leave a guess about what these items are in the comments below?


15 responses to “Let the Sales Begin!

  1. I’m so glad to see these sets, thanks! But I’d rather pay 22k points for the hair dyes used in Nell and Kooh’s styles :P Seriously. I hate buying sets instead of pieces, I would also buy those skirts but I am guessing they’re stuck onto the shirts?

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