Celebrating Arin’s Awesome Style!

Hello Pangyateers,

Arin’s rockin’ birthday celebration is almost done, and Pangya’s been celebrating by offering all of Arin’s clothing items and accessories for Points on sale for 30%.  Additionally, players can also purchase Arin’s Birthday Hat from the Pangya shop, which will give you 20% EXP while you wear it.

Arin's Birthday

Get to Know Arin

Arin comes from a long line of magicians, but she is not a natural-born magician like Cadie or Tiki.  She worked hard to become top of her class from Wiz Wiz, the famous witch and wizardry school, and now her magical abilities rival even the most naturally-talented magicians.

Arin’s popularity has never been hotter!  Her only real weakness is Max, the former tennis-pro-turned-Pangya-player. Arin instantly fell in love with Max when she first saw him, and worked hard to become a pro in Pangya. She only makes silly mistakes when Max is around, but when he isn’t there, her true performer nature comes out.  Arin is a specialist when it comes to using irons in Pangya!

Arin anime portrait

Arin’s Top 10 Outfits

Here are the picks we chose for Arin’s top 10 outfits that are on sale during our Happy Birthday Arin event.

10. Off-Shoulder Pink TopOff-Shoulder Pink Top


9. Leather BustierLeather Bustier


8.  Magician Suit8.  Magician Suit


7.  Sailor OutfitSailor Outfit


6.  Muse DressMuse Dress


5.  Denim OverallsDenim Overalls


4.  Pink Academy DressPink Academy Dress


3. Venus DressVenus Dress


2.  Aqua SorceressAqua Sorceress


1.  Crimson DressCrimson Dress


What clothing items do you like on Arin?  Let us know in the comments below.

Also, expect to see some Pangya update teasers in our next blog post.  Continue enjoying our Happy Birthday Arin event, and we will see you next time, Pangyateers!


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