Madoka Magica Movie Contest and Pangya Updates

Madoka Magica Movie Contest (11/08~11/15 11:59pm PST)!

Good news, Pangyateers!

 Madoka Movie 3 Poster1

We have a very special contest for you anime lovers out there!   Tickets to the US movie premiere of Puella Magi Madoka Magica are completely sold out, but we have a pair of tickets that we want to give away to 1 lucky Pangyateer!

The only catch is that the movie premiere is happening in Los Angeles, California on December 3, and you will have to pay the cost of your own transportation to the event.  But if you live in L.A., or plan to be in the L.A. area on December 3, this contest is a great chance for you to score free tickets to see Puella Magi Madoka Magica!

To enter our Modoka Magic Movie Contest, just do the following:

1.       If you haven’t created an account on Pangya already, then do so!

2.       Login to the game.

3.       Play for at least 3 hours anytime after November 8 12:00 am PST

4.       Submit your IGN in the comments below

5.       Contest will be accepting entries from 11/08~11/15 11:59pm PST

On November 16th, the winners of this contest will be contacted by, so look out for an email from this address on November 16th if you’ve entered this contest.

If you are selected as our contest winner, please respond to the email that you receive within 24 hours to accept, or else you will forfeit the prize and another winner will be selected.

*Please make sure to update your name and email address on your account.

*We will be emailing the email listed on your account.

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The US premiere of  Puella Magi Madoka Magica happens on December 3.  The doors open at 5:30pm, the show starts at 7:00pm, and cosplay is optional, but encouraged.  See for more information about the premiere.

So, if this contest is for you, enter by submitting your in-game name (IGN) in the comments below.  Also, make sure that the real name on your Pangya account matches your actual name in real-life, so that you can pick up the tickets in your name on the day of the event.  Failure to provide your real name in your Pangya account, will disqualify you from the contest.

Good luck, everyone!

Additional Contest Rules and Reminders:

1.       Rewards are 2 tickets (for you and a friend) for the movie premiere.

2.       Transportation is NOT included, only participate if you have a way to get yourself to the premiere

3.       Tickets will NOT be sent to you. YOU must pick up the tickets on the day of the premiere at the theater. (We will provide more information to the person that wins)

4.       The winner will be announced on 11/16 6:00pm PST.

a.       The winner must respond back via email within 24 hours or they will forfeit their tickets and a new winner will be selected.

5.       Puella Magi Madoka Magica Gift Bag is NOT included.

Caddy Up

With some new content recently added to Pangya, players will find that we have some more friends to accompany them during their hole-in-one adventures.

pangya update collage

First up is our new Gacha item, the Auto Heuristic Magic Intelligence Entity, also know as A.H.M.I.E.  Perhaps one of the most technologically advanced caddies we’ve ever seen,  A.H.M.I.E. is a very sophisticated piece of machinery that comes in two different models for your caddying pleasure:  A.H.M.I.E. Type-N-00 and A.H.M.I.E. Type-S-00.

ahmie models

Both models look great, and they each have slightly different stats.  Remember that you can get each of these A.H.M.I.E. models by playing Gacha!  And, if you’re you’re like me and enjoy dressing up your robotic technology, both A.H.M.I.E models come with fashionable outfit “upgrades” that you can purchase from the Pangya shop.  Keep playing with A.H.M.I.E. as your caddy and she will even level up and give you more accurate advice when you play.  A.H.M.I.E. is definitely a hot item in Pangya, but like all Gacha items, she won’t be collectable forever, so play Gacha now and get yours today!

ahmie poster

Oh yeah, and after our most recent Scratchy update #10, there’s also a cute, little Papel that you can win as your caddy.  Wait… whaaaaat?

big papel

Are you kidding me?  That Papel is huge!  Don’t you think that Papel is huge?  Oh my goodness!  I definitely was not expecting that.  Alright, so in Scratchy update #10 there’s a cute, not-so-little Papel that you can win.  Did you ever expect to own a Papel so big that it can both serve as your caddy and personal bodyguard?  Well, now you can!  Just don’t make it angry.  You won’t like it when it’s angry.

Hippo to the Hop and You Don’t Stop

hippo sleeping

Awwwww… It’s so cute.  It’s wearing little sunglasses, and its pink, and its on a cloud and everything.

hippo yawning

Awwww… look, it just yawned.

Do you want a Hippo cuteness overload?  Get the Pink Hippo as your mascot as part of the new Gacha set in Pangya.  Who doesn’t love hippos?  Especially when they’re this small, and pink, and cute… and sleeping on a tiny cloud.

Happy Birthday Arin

Arin birthday banner

It’s Arin’s Birthay on November 15th, so the Pangya shop is now offering 30% off of Arin’s items.  Arin’s birthday hat is also now available for purchase from the shop, and wearing this hat will give you 20% EXP whenever you play from now until the end of Arin’s Birthday Event!  Remember that Arin’s Birthday Event goes on from 11/08~11/15 11:59pm PST

See you next post!


13 responses to “Madoka Magica Movie Contest and Pangya Updates

  1. Can I be hopeful of Madoka Sets in our Pangya?

    Also, I love Ahmie’s outfits, but the temporary thing keeps me from buying. Can’t you change that someday? :c

    • That temporary things that keep the server alive and how the company earn money. On topic, good luck for those who participating for the contest. I’m not joining of course, way out of my continent (Asian here)/league.
      P.s Your drive only 246y? Go go upgrade some more!!! Go for 290y drive haha

      • I do understand how Gacha works, but rental Mascots and Caddies’ outfits seem a waste, when you can invest in more Gacha. Maybe it works, but I know I’d easily pay 6~10k for a permanent outfit instead of renting them.

  2. IGN: Makina

    I wish Aniplex can host the event at a different date, since early December is where the Finals takes place. :S Also hopefully I’ll get someone to give me a ride in exchange for him/her to watch it with me. :’D

    Good luck from Magika guild! (Semi-dead guild too…)

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