Contest Results and Maintenance Sneak Peek

We’ve been away from the blog for a while, but we’re back with some new information about our Halloween Contest results and a sneak peek at Pangya’s next update after tonight’s maintenance.


Halloween Contest Submissions Now Viewable

Spooky Self-Designs from all Pangyateers who entered our forum’s Spectacular Halloween Self-Design Contest were posted on Facebook recently!  All of these Self-Designs are looking so awesome, and they are proof that our community of players are not only awesome on the course, but off the course too. Also, be sure to check out the marvelous submissions for our Pumpkin Carving Contest, SD Contest and Halloween Costume Contest on Facebook.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We’ve posted a random selection of the quality Halloween contest submissions for this year, but the Pangya team highly recommends you check out all of the submissions for each of our 3 forum Halloween contests on our Facebook page here:

The GMs and GameRage staff judging the contests are having a tough time deciding who the prize winners will be, but they should be announcing the results for all of the forum Halloween Contests tomorrow this week, so keep an eye out for that!

After-Maintenance Sneak Peek

The Pangya team likes to keep the details of the updates to Pangya after our regularly scheduled maintenance a secret, but I’ve managed to get some inside information and obtain these images that might give players a hint of what’s happening in Pangya after tonight’s maintenance.


Awww… it’s sooo cute!

Pangya Robot

Cool robot technology!

I’ve heard rumours of new advanced robot technology and a cute Papel, but I do not know what to make of it.  I guess we’ll just need to wait and see until after maintenance.

Until next time, Pangyateers!


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