New Halloween Makeover

If you played Pangya after the maintenance on Wednesday, then hopefully you were as surprised as I was by the new look of Pangya for Halloween.  Let’s take a look at some of these spooky additions to the game.


Pangya Manga
It is definitely going to be a spooky Halloween in Pangya, and a new manga comic has been added to the main menu of the game to explain what is going on.

Pangya Manga

The manga looks great and the best part for me is that it is not written in Korean.  Woo hoo!  No Google Translate for me!  Although, it would be kind of cool to be able to read Korean.


Now that you get the idea of what is going on by reading the manga comic, you can participate in the new in-game event called The Halloween Spirit.
Spika and Roi

In this event you can use your new Roi (given to you by the always spectacular Spika) to search for Candy Boxes on any of the courses in Pangya.  Just click on a Roi and choose what course you want to send it to, then play a 9-hole round while you wait. Once Roi has completed its mission, it will give you the Candy Box it has found for you.  Isn’t alien technology amazing?  Remember that there are 4 types of Candy Boxes to find; Kiwi, Orange, Strawberry, and Grape.  Once you get 5 of each type of Candy Box, then Spika can try to call Bloody Mary.  Alien technology is cool enough, but alien technology that can find you Candy Boxes is amazing!  Having one of those Roi things for Halloween would make my trick-or-treating so much easier; I could increase my candy intake by 67%!

Learn more about The Halloween Spirit event here:


Spooky Game Lobbies
One of my favorite parts of Halloween are the creepy decorations, and the Pangya game lobbies do not disappoint!

Spooky Game Lobbies
Purple and orange are also my favorite colors, aside from yellow, red, blue, green, teal, and translucent.  But seriously, those game lobbies are doing a good job of getting me into the Halloween spirit!


Other Cool Stuff
Don’t forget about all of the other cool events that our going on.  You can click on the Notice button in the main menu to see all of our current events.
In-Game Notice


Now, if you’ll excuse me.  I must get back to working on my Self-Design for forum Contest #2 (

GM_RageFist Self-Design

Ugh, it’s going to take me all night to finish dying my underwear.  I hope you’re as excited as we are for Halloween in Pangya!  Use the comments below to let us know what else you would like to see happen for Halloween in Pangya, or just chat about what kind of costume you’re planning to wear.  Enjoy Pangya everyone, and see you at today’s Tee Time with the GMs!


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