Pangya’s Halloween Spirit


Halloween Costume Contest – Dress to Impress for Treats

The community of Pangyateers are all excited for Pangya’s hottest Halloween costume party on the forums, and everyone’s invited.  All you have to do is take a photo of yourself in your Halloween costume holding up a greeting sign that says “Happy Halloween Pangya 2013”.  That’s it; you’ll receive some great in-game rewards if you do, and you can share your awesome costume with the community!

Learn more here:

And if you think dressing up for Halloween is only for kids, then think again …

GM_RageFist Pirate

Arrrrr!! Just call me GM_RageFist, the Pirate of Pangya!


Self-Design Contest – Your next Self-Design Item is FREE!

Grab your favorite Pangya character, give them an amazing Self-Design costume for Halloween, and show it off to us and all of your friends.  We will give you treats for doing it and reimburse all players who enter this contest with another Self-Design item for free!  This is a great opportunity to get creative and make the amazing Self-Design Halloween costume you know your character deserves, all without having to sacrifice a Self-Design item.  This is a great contest for those who are pro Self-Designers or others who are just starting out.

Check out more awesome Self-Design costumes from our past Halloween event:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Learn more here:


Pumpkin Carving Contest – Let’s Carve a Smile on that Face

Are you a pumpkin Picasso?  A Rembrandt of round fruit? … OK, I’ll stop now.  Carve out a pumpkin for Halloween, send us a photo of it with a greeting sign that says “Happy Halloween Pangya 2013”, and we’ll give you some Pangya treats … then send me the rest of your pumpkin so that I can make a pie!  Just kidding, I think it actually may be illegal to send pieces of pumpkin to someone through the mail anyways.


Learn more here:



Spooky Halloween Spirits for Halloween Club Set

So, those sprits that are flying around are kind of scary, but I found out that you can capture them by hitting your comet into a hole cup on a course.  Don’t be scared; look out for them the next time you play.  I heard you can use these captured spirits to craft Halloween boxes, or even a Halloween Club Set!  For a Club Set and Halloween Boxes, I think we can all be brave enough to capture those spirits.

ghost cartoon

Learn more here:


Calling Upon Bloody Mary with Spika

Spika is at it again.  This time she is trying to call upon and meet Bloody Mary.  She said that every time we can help her meet Bloody Mary, she will give us a random item.  Spika needs 5 of each type of Candy Box to try to call Bloody Mary, and she has given each of us some of her Roi (those robot thingys) to find these Candy Boxes on the courses in Pangya.  But sometimes Spika fails when she tries to call Bloody Mary, and a spirit will appear by accident.  It’s freaky; I’ve seen it!  I wonder if that has anything to do with all those spirits I keep seeing around Pangya.

Spika Gothic

Learn more here:


Do you have any ideas for Halloween events, contests, or in-game parties you would like to see?  Let us know in the comments below.


3 responses to “Pangya’s Halloween Spirit

  1. not really contest idea, but really would like to see new halloween costumes designs in the shop including Nell and Spika

  2. Thanks for the suggestion, Felicity85. There are some Gothic Bride sets and Halloween costumes for characters in Pangya right now (, but it would be cool to see more costume designs in the shop for Nell and Spika. I’m excited to see what players will come up with for the Self-Design Halloween contest on the forum ( Maybe they will offer to sell their creations to the rest of the Pangya community?

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